Property owner frequently asked questions

At Greenwich Film Unit we operate set fees for private residential properties. These are as follows:
CATEGORY ONE 1 film day (12 hours) 15 cast/crew members or less £800.
CATEGORY TWO 1 film day (12 hours) in excess of 15 cast/crew members £1200.

You will need to send us an invoice and we will arrange payment.

The production company will have public liability insurance to cover any damages made. Most damages are assessed and fixed within five working days.

All the data on your property is only accessed by us. No address is given out until you agree that a client can view your property for suitability.

You will not be under any obligation to accept every project but we do like to let our clients know at the earliest opportunity if you will not be accepting.

Some productions can have a crew size of 60 with large amounts of equipment. Smaller productions could have a crew of 5 people. You will be advised on the size of crew at the initial stage of enquiry.

This is up to you. Watching a film crew at work can be quite interesting and the owner is under no obligation to leave. However, crews using a space are professional and paying for it, therefore large amounts of noise and many people getting in the way is not helpful to them. We urge property owners to be respectful of people at work should they decide to stay and witness proceedings.

We cannot guarantee that your property will be used however, as there is no charge to register, you will certainly not be losing out.

  • Promotion on our website and online Location Library
  • Filter out and put forward enquiries from reputable companies only
  • Coordinate site visits
  • Ensure that insurance and where appropriate risk assessments are in place prior to filming
  • Management of general behaviour of crew informing them of restrictions regarding eating, smoking etc.
  • Draft and issue of our comprehensive location contract, securing signatures and protecting your building and contents
  • Ensure that reinstatement has been undertaken correctly and follow up any outstanding issues

You will need to register you property with us by filling in the online property registration form and providing us with images of your property photography hints

We will register your property and put your images onto our Locations Library for our clients to see. Please note that your property details will not be shown on the website, it will have a reference number.

If a production company is interested in filming at your property, we will contact you to check if you’re happy to facilitate the request. A Location Manager from the production company will need to visit your property and take reference photos of the areas they’d like to use.

The Location Manager will then discuss your location and other locations they have seen with the Director. If the Director wishes to use your property we will need to arrange a second visit for the Location Manager and other members of their team to assess the technical requirements of their shoot. After the technical visit the production company will confirm if they would definitely like to use your property.

We will issue a filming licence on your behalf outlining the filming activity. Once, the contract has been signed we will make arrangements to pay you.

We charge 20 per cent commission of the location fee. This is invoiced directly to the production company.

We have been providing this service since 1989 and are here to make sure that registering will optimise your chances of attracting filmmakers to your property.