Photography hints: Guidance on images when registering your property

  1. Firstly and most importantly we are trying to establish an accurate representation of the property. As such it is best to photograph all aspects of the location including any features that you may be reluctant to include such as a busy main road outside the front door.
  2. Photographs of the front and back exteriors of the property as well as a picture of the street are essential.
  3. For interior shots photographs taken from all angles are helpful. Position yourself in one corner of each room to take a photograph and then do the same from the opposite corner in order to take a reverse shot.
  4. Take the images in a logical order starting with exteriors first through to your hallway, main reception rooms and around the property just as you would if giving someone a tour of the location. It is crucial that you take pictures in good natural daylight and without using a flash.
  5. As a general rule, try to take photographs that show the property as an orderly ‘blank canvas’ and without capturing any people or pets. If you would like a member of the Film Unit to come and take pictures of the property please contact us and we will arrange a visit.