Student filming guidelines

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General guidelines

A minimum of 3 weeks’ notice is required for student requests.

Students wishing to film in Royal Greenwich may send details of their enquiry to

A Film Officer will assess your request, advise you accordingly and if necessary ask you to fill out a filming application form.

Before permission is granted a copy of your college/university public liability insurance must be submitted. The minimum cover requirement is £5million.

On signing the licence you agree to provide Greenwich Film Unit with a copy of the production and an end credit.


Do you come under street filming guidelines?

  • You are a crew and cast of less than five people.
  • You are using a handheld camera, sensible sized tripod and/or a handheld sound kit.
  • You have public liability insurance of at least £5million.
  • You do not require additional equipment.
  • You do not require a road or path closure.
  • You will not be disrupting members of the public.
  • You will not be causing any obstruction on the public highway.

If all of the above applies to your shoot then you will not require a filming permit. We do however ask that you submit a filming application form so that we have all relevant details on our system in case of queries from members of the public. Also please note that the above applies to council owned streets only. All parks and open spaces do require a filming licence to be obtained prior to filming.

If you require official paper work for peace of mind we offer A Notice of No Objection for £25 + VAT. Please note however that this is not a legal requirement.

For filming where requirements are greater than those set out above a, permit will be required. A reduced student rate of £50 + VAT will be applicable for simple shoots. More complex requests are charged at £50 per hour plus any additional costs. The Film Unit will always endeavour to provide approximate costs on receipt of a filming application form.


We manage and licence filming at all Council owned properties, parks and streets in the borough. If you would like to film at a private location you will need to seek permission from the owner of the site.

If your location search is for a residential property, a shop or a restaurant it is advisable to speak to family and friends in the first instance as fees are generally applicable when filming at these types of locations.

Notice periods

A minimum of 3 weeks’ notice is applicable.

Special effects

Filming involving special effects will require a risk assessment/method statement to be submitted prior to a licence being issued.


If you are interested in sourcing funding for your project please refer to the the Film London website for a current list of funding pots available.