Please Note: We require a minimum of 14 working days notice for new filming/photography requests

Student Notice: We currently aren’t accepting student requests. This will be reviewed in February.

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For all filming in Royal Greenwich it is best to submit a filming application form or email a brief outline to Once received, we will either suggest suitable locations or check if a specific location is available for filming. We will then advise you on the next step to process your application.

Important: Filming cannot be agreed without proof of Public Liability Insurance; the minimum cover we require is £5million.

If you’re not sure about a location please call us on 020 8921 6048/6146 or email

We aim to reply to filming enquiries/applications within two working days but this will depend on how busy the department is and how urgent your request is. There are certain notice periods to film at particular locations. We will always advise on lead in times and the process for getting the necessary permissions.

We currently require a minimum of 14 working days notice. Complex and/or large scale exterior shoots will need to provide more notice.

A filming licence is required to film at all our locations unless you fall under ‘legal street filming’ and meet the Street Filming Guidelines below:

  • You are a crew and cast of five or less people
  • Filming on a public highway (footpath only) - no private roads/pathways
  • All filming activity on a residential street to take place between 8am and 9pm only
  • Noise levels to be kept to a minimum on residential streets
  • You are using a handheld camera, tripod and/or a handheld sound kit only – additional equipment will not be permitted
  • You will not obstruct entrances to business or residential properties
  • You will not obstruct any gateways or access roads
  • You will not be causing any obstruction on the public highway
  • You will not be disrupting members of the public
  • You do not require a road or path closure
  • You do not require additional equipment
  • You will not be using any special effects
  • You will not use real or replica weapons
  • You will not film scenes involving violence or nudity
  • All activity in compliance with the Government, BFC and Film London Covid 19 Guidelines
  • All activity in accordance with the guidelines as set out in the ‘Location Filming in London Code of Practice’ produced by Film London
  • You must have public liability insurance of at least £5million

You will not require a filming permit if all of the above applies to your shoot. We do however, ask that you submit a filming application so we have all relevant details on our system in case of queries from members of the public.

If you require official paperwork, for peace of mind, we can issue a Notice of No Objection (NoNO) for £95 + VAT. Please note that this is not a legal requirement.

There are a few differences for student filming/photography requests;

  • We ask for a minimum of three weeks notice
  • We do not licence filming that involves scenes of violence and use of replica weapons at a public location
  • We do not licence filming involving nudity in our locations
  • We have a no student filming policy at our cemetery locations.
  • Students are always offered a reduced fee.

More information: student filming guidelines

Filming charges depend on the location, type and length of the shoot taking place. All fees therefore vary and are sometimes negotiable. Here is a guide of our current price list.

If your filming exceeds the ‘legal street filming’ requirements you must always consult residents about your filming via a letter drop. The letter will need to be approved by us before it is sent out. You can use our template residents letter. Residents require 5-20 working days notice depending on the level of filming activity.

Please note that we charge an admin fee between £95-£125+ VAT to oversee the residents consultation. The fee covers our time to review/amend the letter, consult Ward Councillors and deal with queries from our residents. We will increase the fee if we have to allocate a substantial amount of time to deal with complaints/concerns from residents.

We require 6 weeks notice for a road closure up to 24 hours and 8 weeks notice for road closures up to 7 days. You will need to apply for a road closure via our online filming application and submit your Traffic Management Plans with RAMS from a professional traffic management company.

We require 10 working days notice for traffic management requests. You will need to apply for a Traffic Notice via our online filming application and submit your Traffic Management Plans with RAMS from a professional traffic management company. We allow holds for a maximum of 3 minute at a time. We do not permit traffic management during rush hour on our busy roads.

If you would like temporary traffic control on a bus route you will also need permission from TFL. Please contact

You can apply for parking via our filming application. Our Parking Dept will receive your parking request and reply directly to you. Please see parking fees and notice periods below.

Bay Suspension £53 10 full working days
Single Yellow Line Dispensation £27 7 full working days
Film Parking Permit £35 4 full working days

Our Parking Dept also charge a non-refundable administration fee of £50 for all approved suspension applications.

Film Parking Permit (FPP):

We offer a maximum of 6 FPPs per day with a vehicle height limit of 3 metres and width of 1.95 metres. The permit entitles the vehicle to be parked in any marked permit or shared use bay within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The fee is £35 + VAT per permit. We require a minimum of five working days’ notice. To request a permit you will need to submit a filming application.

If you have further parking queries you can email

It is always advisable to inform the Police of any filming or photography taking place in a public space and if you are planning to use replica weapons. You will need to contact the Met Film Unit. To contact them please call 020 3054 5555 or email

Please refer to our emergency contacts page for details.